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In early Christianity, believers would meet in homes to celebrate God's presence in their lives.  Today, Home Churches do the same thing.

Whats this all about?!!

Well, the idea is simple. The  "Home Church" would simply be a spiritual discussion group which meets every week or two for a little while to discus spiritual topics, such as our dreams, cool books we have been reading, movies with a spiritual message (sometimes well even watch one together!), or maybe spiritual principles we have discovered, art as meditation, gardening as a religious experience, prayer, meditation, bible study, etc. Sometimes, when the weathers nice, the group will meet outdoors in Gods church! You may even celebrate communion each time to sort of give  a spiritual center to your meetings. Coffey, tea, and soda could be served, so come thirsty for the Spirit and for a refreshing beverage!

Remember, you should strive to be relaxed, brief, and interesting, and above all, non-threatening. A 'Home Church' should be non-dogmatic, non-denominational, and open hearted.

Remember!  A 'Home Church' is a 'non-churchy church'.  Have fun with it!!