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God is...


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God is...
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A short sermon by Pastor Greg.

"God is..."

I really should just stop there.

"God is..." Anything more would ultimately be less, and another step forward would end up two steps behind.

"God is..." Before we humans try to wrap our minds around God, we need to remember that He simply is. There is no need for definition, only for relationship. We can never fully know God with our minds, but only with our hearts. However, we need some concept of God's true nature, so we dont fall for someone elses ideas of God, and trade in a deep and fulfilling relationship for a religion about God.

And So "God is Love", and Love is not just an emotion, but rather Love is ultimate Reality, absolute and eternal. Love is the supreme spiritual substance and divine principle in which we live, and move, and have our being.  Our souls speak the language of love, and, in fact, our souls are Gods love within us.

God is Love.






Spirituality vs. Superstition


Spirituality is often confused with superstition. Below are some of the differences between the two.

Superstition                                                          Spirituality

Is exclusive, seeing the world                              Is inclusive, seeing the

in terms of an us and them.                                 world in terms of

                                                                         similarities rather than


Is concerned with being right,                              Is more open to Mystery,

and having the one true answer.                           believing the answer is one

                                                                         and true.

Is overly concerned with authority,                      Is more concerned with

i.e., the Bible, the Pope, the Pastor,                    Truth wherever it is found;

science, or various cult figures.                           All Truth is Gods Truth.

Is eager to win converts.                                    Celebrates the wisdom

                                                                         of other traditions

                                                                         without abandoning

                                                                          its own.


To be continued...


"To know God is to love, for without love there is no knowledge of God."  --Ernest Holmes