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"In the Beginning"--an ancient and contemporary creation story...

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"In the beginning was the Creative Energy:

The Creative Energy was with God

And the Creative Energy was God.

It was with God in the beginning.

Through it all things came to be,

no one thing had it's being but through it.

All that came to be had life in it

and that light was the light of persons,

a light that shines in the dark,

a light that the darkness could not overpower...

Th e Creative Energy was the true light

that enlightens all people;

and it was comming into the world."


                                     --The Gospel According to John

                                        Orginal Blessing translation by Matt Fox

Attention writers and artists!  We are seeking quality, spiritually relevent articles, essays, poetry, scripts, sermons, etc.  Please contact Pastor Greg for further information, or to submit your work.